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CONCORUSA offers the strongest national and local presence for comprehensive maintenance services. We help eliminate multiple service contractors by self-performing most of these services and by doing this, our higher-quality service levels delivered help you increase cost-efficiency.

We offer a variety of building maintenance and repair services. Whether you need to have a ceiling tile replaced or a wall repaired and painted, our experienced staff can do it. CONCORUSA has the right solution for your facility maintenance needs.

Services we provide include but are not limited to the following:

• Ceiling tile installation
• VCT flooring installation or replacement
• Tape and float
• Exterior and Interior Painting
• Carpet removal, replacement or cleaning
• Pressure washing
• Tile flooring cleaned, removed or replaced
• Wood flooring cleaned, buffed, removed or replaced
• Restroom fixture repair or replacement
• Restroom sanitation
• Window cleaning